Excursion to Rainbow Resort - 2017

Post date: 02-Dec-2017 09:34:59

The Rainbow Resort and Water Park is a fun leisure resort in Hyderabad. They offer a beautiful architect-ed and equipped facility with amenities such as a Swimming Pool for adults, a Baby Pool, Water Sports, a Basketball Court, Indore Games, a Play Area, a Banquet Hall, and Dance Floor with DJ, a Cricket Ground and the Burma Bridge, among others.

The students of Future School from classes’ I-X visited the Rainbow Resort on 18th November 2017. The day started and the students were full of energy. The Picnic trip started from school at 8:30AM and reached there by 10:00AM.

At the entrance the students were welcomed with soft drinks. The

children were then taken to the Magic Show, where the students were entertained with different tricks played by the Magician. After the magic show the children were sent for water games until lunch. There were water rides, pools and rain dance in which the students enjoyed to their fullest.

After the enjoyment in the water, the students had their lunch and then the enjoyment continued with a DJ Show, Where the students enjoyed Singing and Dancing. There were also Games which students enjoyed playing. The students with their teachers had a great time enjoying the whole day. At the end the students were served with some snacks and left the place by 5:00PM in the evening. The students reached school by 6:00PM and left for their homes.

More images of the event here