ILID India Board and Team

Board of Trustees

R. Vijayaraghavan

Mrs. Mrinalini Jayaram, Trustee

Dr. G. K. Jayaram, Managing Trustee & Director

Murali S. Rao

Other members

Chakravarthy R Murrali

    • Murrali, M.Sc (Agri-Economics), Certificated associate of Indian Institute of Bankers,three decades of experience,worked earlier in Canara Bank and National Commercial Bank of Jamaica. Has rich experience of branch and administrative functioning, managing the credit portfolio -comprising agriculture, retail banking, business and small industries and designing and conducting training programs in banking related subjects & behavioral/managerial related areas. His specialization includes training in credit, finance and organizational behavior. He has served as an internal consultant and has assisted in developing e-learning based training solutions.

Ravikanth Ganti

  • A Management Professional with 14 years of varied experience in Development Sector, Teaching & Training and Research, together with a Post Graduate Degree in Management &; Microbiology. Enriched experience with a proven track record of accomplishments and ability to develop strategic long term partnerships and communicate effectively with staggered levels of decision makers. Reached the level of expertise required in education and development sectors in the areas of planning, administration, setting up Training processes and driving the performance improvements.

Shamith MP

    • Is BCom graduate and has more than thirteen years of experience in operation management related areas.

Dinesh Kumara Shetty Tekkatte

    • Has MSc.(Comp. Sc.) degree from Mysore University. Has more than two decades of IT industry experience mainly in project management and software architecture related areas.

Punith N.

  • Is BCom graduate and has more than 3 years of experience in finance related areas.