Level Up Village - Global Inventors Course

Post date: 03-Dec-2015 09:29:04

Though they live on different continents, students at St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (an all-girls school known for its student-run technology repair center) and a group of girls at Ekalavya School in Bengaluru, India, were partners this fall in LUV’s Global Inventors course.

Together, they studied electricity, computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing, while learning about each other’s daily lives and cultures via video message exchange. One girl at each end of the partnership reflected on the experience.

Sushma - a 14 years old, 8th standard student in Ekalavya School in Bengaluru, India who participated in the course - is excited about it.

She says that it's the first time she participated in a virtual global collaboration program and is quite happy to collaborate with her partner Grace from USA.

She says - "It seems we think very much alike and we respect each other’s interests and beliefs. Our lives are different as Grace and I are not from the same country. In the field of science and technology, Grace and I have learned the same things through the LUV course."

Here is a report published on Level UP Village Website.