Ojus Power Factory Visit - Educational Tour

Post date: 27-Dec-2017 08:51:53

On November 25th 2017, High School students from Ekalavya school, NS Palya were taken on Educational Tour to the factory of OJUS Power and Technologies Private Limited near Hosur, Tamilnadu on a hired chartered bus. Few teachers also accompanied them.

They were warmely welcomed by Ojus Power Chairman Mr. Sampath Kumar & Director-Marketing Mr. Prasad Sogali along with other staff.

Students were addressed by the Chairman & Director-Marketing in their Conference room explaining the advancements in Power Generation technologies and also about the products being manufactured in their factory. The technology behind Diesel Generators were aptly explained with suitable visual animations & presentations by Director-Marketing (aided by Mr. Dinesh of ILID). Students were also given an handout describing the technology of the generators in advance. Students asked few questions & got clarifications

After the session, Students were treated with sumptuous lunch.

Students were taken inside the Generator manufacturing sections in three batches, each batch accompanied by a guide from the factory. The whole Generator box fabrication processes - including the metal sheet cutting, folding, painting, assembling process,engine installation, testing process, etc. were illustrated.

Students were gifted T-shirt from OjusPower.

All the students enjoyed the educational tour & returned with rich knowledge about Diesel Generators & it's manufacturing process.

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