Students Study Excursion - Visvesvaraya Museum

Post date: 30-Oct-2015 10:25:22

Some of the students of higher classes of Ekalavya School, Bengaluru visited Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum (VITM), Bengaluru recently in batches to enhance their science and engineering knowledge during third week of October (13 to 16 Oct 2015).

VITM is built on the theme that - 'Science is Knowledge, Science is Entertainment, Science is Fun'.

There are many illustrations of science laws & theories, including illustrations for gravitational force, electricity charge, Engine technology including gears, combustion chamber, etc. Harnessing different Energy forms illustrations for wind, Solar, hydro, and atomic power, Biotechnology progress information & illustrations, Space technology illustrations, Fun Science (experiments & equipments with which students can play and learn science principles), Aviation technology history illustration with models, Electronics components and equipments illustrations including radar, television, etc - are present.

Students were experiencing this for the first time & were thrilled. They enjoyed the study excursion and returned with good insights on Science.

Here are some moments from the excursion & the students response.