Special Project Interventions

Meghadoota (MD) Project

School education in India is still a distant dream for many. Even for those kids going to nearby schools, the non-availability of good and sufficient number of teachers is a major setback. The situation becomes more complex in semi-urban and rural areas. This project aims at connecting students having eagerness to learn with faculty having passion to teach.

MD has been launched in November 2013 in two rural centres in Karnataka. The learning centres near the towns of Gowribidanur and Channarayapatna have received very good response and the total registrations have reached 80. We have successfully conducted the online and offline classes for classes 5th, 6th and 7th in English, Mathematics and Science, and English classes for 8th, 9th and 10th.

Subsequently, Meghadoota project was initiated in urban slums in the five ‘Ekalavya Schools’ run by Kasturi Trust in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Meghadoota used Cisco-WebEx tool to take classes. The objective of the project is to provide ‘Remedial learning’ providing additional support to slow learners during examinations. The project was mainly successful in training X grade students for revising all the subjects during pre-final and final examinations. An experienced teacher in one school is sharing best teaching practices will fellow teachers in other schools. We have a database of highly qualified and experienced teachers in Math, Physics and Science to offer ‘Online tutoring’ to students.


Pygmalion was started in 2005 with the objective to enhance English skills of poor-school going children who have limited or no access to facilities for acquiring reading, writing and speaking skills in English. Due to lack of English skills, these deprived students do not achieve their full potential and hence fail to find good employment. Currently, the project is operational in all the 5 Ekalavya Schools.

The principal objectives of Pygmalion project are that students should:

• Develop the ability to speak in English.

• Be aware of important English Grammar rules.

• Be able construct sentences in English.

• Display sufficient confidence in both written and spoken English.


Computers are needed for people from all walks of life. There are hardly any field in which computers are not used. Knowledge of Computers enable people to perform their jobs with higher efficiency in most fields. Those who have the knowledge of computers get preferences in jobs & advantages in their careers compared with others without computer knowledge. There is a spike in recruiting youngsters at the billing counters in retail markets, delivering goods to the right place using mobile GPRS, mapping places for new apps, and DTP operators. All these jobs require knowledge in basic computing, using internet, and MS office. Teaching computers to poor children will increase their confidence and make them self-reliant.

Compukids project provides basic & advanced computer skills to the under privileged children & youth of the community to enable them to become employable. The project is currently operational in all the 5 Ekalavya Schools teaching basic computer concepts (MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint) to high school students.