Independence Day Celebrations at Ekalavya School, NS Palya,Bengaluru (Year 2016)

Post date: 08-Sep-2016 08:07:24

Every citizen of India is well aware that 15 August is the day when India got its independence from British rule to become a free country. The day is celebrated all over in unity with great patriotism. The Foundation always takes a lead in celebrating festivals of national importance with its beneficiaries. This year too, we celebrated the Independence Day with its beneficiaries in a good manner.

Independence was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Ekalavya school, Bangalore. The ceremony started at 8.30 AM in the school open ground with large crowd of staff and students along with Mrs. Revathy Kamath (A renowned Landscaper) as the Chief Guest, Kasturi Trust CFO - Mr. Murali CR , School Headmistress Ms Balquis Banu.

The flag was hoisted by Mr. Murali.

After flag hoisting, all students and staff gathered in assembly hall and the cultural events started at 9.00 AM.

The Headmistress welcomed the gathering and introduced the Chief Guest.

Chief Guest delivered speech and motivated our students by her lovable words.

Prashant Raj Malik of class VIII, started the ceremony with his lovable patriotic poem which awakened everyone’s feelings towards our Mother Land.

Then Noor Fatima of class VIII, delivered speech about importance of Independence day.

Students from class 4, danced for our National Song “Vande Maataram” which made all the audience so cheerful to feel that we are Indians.

Students from class 6 sang a patriotic song which made everyone to feel proud about our nation.

Students from class 7, performed dance for the song “Des Rangila” which was a mesmerizing performance and made the students to feel so joyful.

Our blooming buddies from class 1 and 2 surprised with their “Fancy dress”with the theme 'Unity in Diversity' & showing us “WE ALL ARE ONE”.

Before concluding the program there was vote of thanks by our teacher Miss. Shalini.

The event concluded with singing of our National Anthem and distribution of sweets to all the students.

More moments of the event are here