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1st Sub Junior and 1st Junior Inter District Championship-2016

For boys and girls (Age Groups under 13, 15, 17, 19)

Conducted from 10-09- 2016 to 13-09- 2016. At Venue: Ale Narendra Sports Complex, G.H.M.C. play ground (Mithra Club), Gowlipura, Hyderabad.

The Chief Guest for the Occasion was Hon’ble Sri Nayani Narsimha Reddy –Home Minister Govt of Telangana.

Followed by the Guest Of Honour by Hon’ble Sri P.Muralidhar Rao-All India BJP General Secretary.

The students from 10 different districts took part in this competition. From our school 21 students participated in Tug Of War Competition.



1. S.Yogender. Class-IX.

2. A.Surya Teja Class-IX.

3. V.Nanda Kishore Class-IX.

4. Shiva Kumar Class-IX.

5. K.Chand Class-X .

6. Y.Bhaskar Class-X.

7. Md.Yasar Class-X.

8. Raghu Chandar Class-X.


1. J.Teresa Class-IX.

2. G.Renuka Class-VII

3. J.Veeralaxmi Class-VII.

4. A.Vinitha Class-VII

5. S.Manasa Class-IX.

6. D.Sandhya Class-VIII.

7. G.Madhurika Class-IX.

8. G.Navya Sri Class-IX.

9. O.Navitha Class-IX.

10. R.Neelima Class-X.

11. S.SriLatha Class-X.

12. G.Chandrika Class-X.

13. V.Sai Priya Class-X.

Under-15 (Girls) 8 Members won the Silver Medal and received Merit Certificates.

Under-17 (girls) 8 Members won the Bronze medal and received Merit Certificates.

The other members were awarded with participation Certificates.

From this tournament Three Members from our school got selected for national level.

1. Nanda Kishore Class-IX.

2. Surya Teja Class-IX.

3. Shiva Kumar Class-IX.

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