Institution of Leadership & Institutional Development (ILID) India

Educating Poor in Urban Slums

Who We Are

Institute of Leadership and Institutional Development (ILID) India, (a division of Kasturi trust - a non-profit organisation registered in India), is dedicated to serve poor population in India especially in Education sector.

ILID caters to the leadership and institutional development needs of social organizations; it is an umbrella organization that helps social entrepreneurs improve and innovate to deliver the best results possible to the poor and the disadvantaged.

In the midst of their daily operations, most NGOs today struggle with two key issues – scalability and sustainability. These are issues that are critical not only to their growth, but often times to their very existence.

In the words of Dr. G. K. Jayaram (founder, ILID), “The infant mortality rate in this sector is high, and while in the initial phases one can live off idealism, after a while the harsh realities catch up.”

Armed with extensive corporate experience and the passion to bring in change, ILID consultants work to infuse professionalism, result-orientation and corporate pragmatism into NGOs.

ILID is dedicated to help uplift the poorest of children living in India by providing low cost, high quality education to level the playing field. To achieve this vision, we run two schools currently, called “Ekalavya Schools”, educating 650 children from Nandanavnam and NS Palya slums of Hyderabad and Bengaluru respectively.. Education is their only chance to move out from dire poverty and lead a life of meaning and dignity.

Our Vision

To globally enable public, private and non-profit sectors to better respond to the needs and priorities of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized

To promote leadership, organizational and institutional development towards advancing sustainable development sector reforms

Create and nurture perpetual institutions delivering educational excellence and employ-ability to the largest number of the poorest children at the lowest affordable cost.

Founding Principles

Ø To commit to action and result orientation, and obsession with result producing methodologies, which are ethically bound and ethically executed.

Ø To understand our clients’ philosophies and act as their partners, and ‘friend, philosopher and guide’.

Ø To serve, ultimately, the poorest constituencies, and in order to fulfill this, we work pro bono.

Ø To act as a liaison and to leverage resources between the professionals and the elite of the society, who have the resources, networks, and power, and those organizations that are dedicated to the poor, the weak, and the unrepresented.