Children's Day Celebrations 2016 at Ekalavya School,Leninnagar

Post date: 27-Dec-2016 07:52:38

Children’s day is celebrated on 1st November to pay tribute to this legendary freedom fighter Jawaharlal Nehru for his long struggle to achieve independence from the British and who was first Prime Minister of India. Nehru was extremely fond of young children. It is due to his love and passion that this day is marked as Children’s day as per his wish.

It was a fun-filled day for the students. The teachers made the day special, as they had a lot of fun-filled activities lined up for them. All the cultural items were organized and performed by the teachers. So the day had the theme 'With love - from teachers to students'.

The chief Guest for this grand occasion was Mrs. Kamala Reddy, singer and composer of songs based on Telangana state.

The day began with Lighting lamp and paid rich floral tributes to 'Chacha' Nehru.

Like every year, this year also Children participated in Winter fest 2015 (Cultural and Sports event) in school and they received the prizes from chief guest. Children came putting on their best colourful dresses. The whole assembly was organised and carried out by teachers and presented programmes likes skit, dance, songs and Mimicry.

Chief guest who attended the programme gave inspirational speech to students and told about the importance of the day.

Programme began at 9.30 am and ended at 11.10 am. Teachers arranged lunch for all students on this wonderful day. The excitement and enjoyment of the students made every teacher happy too.

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