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School Teachers Comments

Ashiya Begum, Principal

I was a vice principal at a reputed school in Narayanguda which is at a walkable distance from my residence. It was Ekalavya School's philosophy and ‘quality education’ objective that motivated me to forsake the school with high academic profile and join. Traveling 7 kms a day, and my husband’s and in-law initial disapproval did not deter me. Today, they lend me a supporting hand and are a part of my endeavours.

When I joined, the school for the first time I experienced that there is world of ignorance where people’s thoughts are that of three decades before. They never realized that their children need to be in hygienic conditions and should receive good education. For the first two academic years our teachers struggled a lot to motivate the students and their parents in certain moral values like hygiene, discipline, social behavior, cleanliness of surrounding etc. After lots of efforts children were on the track. Then we installed our high efforts in bringing up their academic standard. It was very strenuous but my team did not give. After a long struggle of four years we were able to bring in a drastic change in not only the students but also the community members.

Suddenly when it was announced that the school needs to be closed of we felt that all our efforts would go to the bin. All the teachers and the students began to pray to almighty to retain the good values incorporated in them. Finally Givemore foundation has come as a savior to support our children. We owe high regards to them to be so generous and considerate. Ekalavya School has protected our students from getting drowned in the inhumane society.

Working in this organization since five years as a high school teacher I am a Post graduate and trained teacher. Like other teachers I got very good opportunities but I have forgone those opportunities.

Money is not everything in life other than that many factors also count to be happy in life. I am working for the social welfare organization when I see children there , I remember my childhood days. How my parents struggled to give their children good education. I am thankful to my parents for giving us good education with gods grace and my parents best wishes I am happy with the progress of the children. My ambition is to spread light of knowledge to needy people and god has given me an opportunity through this organization .Ekalavya school has given a ray of hope in fulfilling my ambition.

Working in this organization since five years as a high school teacher .

Following are the reasons that inspired me to continue in this Ekalavya school

I am interested in teaching.

I like the concept of teaching method of this school.

The concept of discipline developed here is praise worthy which I like the most.

Teaching the under privileged children, I feel I am blessed hence I am into this type of service.

In this organization the management is giving importance to teachers and students health (through AOL follow ups) and regular health camps.

K.Sunitha, Teacher

M. Shailaja, Teacher

Students Comments/Stories

Hima Bindu

Class VII Student

Ekalavya School is my first home, I spent my childhood here, each and every teacher is God to me. I adore them, I respect them and I love them. My dream is to stand on my own feet and to educate the other children who are not getting education.

[Daughter of TV mechanic. mother does some tailoring work to augment the family income. Got three siblings and only girl getting education in the entire family.]

A first generation learner, Kavya of X Standard hails from an economically backward family in Manikeshwari Nagar. After the death of her father in 2007, Kavya and her mother had no source of income and lived on the donations of other family members and neighbors. Traumatized by living a life on alms, Kavya also witnessed the discriminating behavior her mother faced, now that she was a widow, at the hands of her relatives and other community members. Her mother was often asked to stay away from family functions and community events. Hitting so close to home, this was the first time that Kavya realized the humiliation and disrespect widows and their children faced in society and decided to take this up very seriously by studying well and achieving success.

Fortunately she was into a school which not only supported academically but moral and all round development was taken care through many activities. The moment the family came to know that the school was going to be closed they lost the sky over them, there was no limit for their distress, similar was the case of many more students. Lots of prayers were conducted in the assembly and even in their houses. Finally as an answer to their prayer came the announcement of continuing of the school by Givemore foundation. Kavya is happily continuing her studies and hoping to become supporter to her family one day.

Nagaraj got enrolled in our school at the age of eight. Because of no former schooling experience, he had to be admitted to the pre-primary class according to the results of the baseline test conducted on him. It was due to the dedicated efforts of our teachers that within four months Nagaraj was able to grasp the lessons taught and was promoted to Class I. He now studies with same-aged children and has also imbibed the values taught at our schools, like hygiene practices, good behaviour, discipline, obedience, etc.

'Student X’s father was addicted to smoking and drinking. Unfortunately, following his father, 'Student X' too started drinking. As a result, he became an irregular student, missed classes on the sly and his test scores deteriorated significantly. His teachers were disturbed about this and came to know of his addiction only when they visited his home and spoke to his parents. Our teachers held extensive counselling sessions with both 'Student X' and his parents. With constant counselling, appreciation and care, 'Student X' was freed from the clutches of his addiction. He now attends school regularly, follows hygiene practices, is properly dressed and also takes renewed interest in his studies. (Note: Student's name has been withheld for protecting his privacy)

V.Manasa attends school regularly and can fluently read and write all alphabets of the English and Telugu language and also count till 50. After returning home from school everyday, she does not spend all her time playing with her friends. Instead, she uses the blackboard painted in her house, to teach her younger sister and her friends everything she learns at school. Manasa’s grandfather, inspired by her, has also learnt how to sign his name.

Mounika, a hardworking and enthusiastic student, travels everyday from 8 km, to reach the school. Before being admitted to Ekalavya School, she studied at a private school in her village. Her mother learnt of the School from her friends and visited it to know more about the school and the program. Impressed by what she saw, she started sending Mounika to the school.

However, she soon realized that sending Mounika to school was costing her almost INR 200 a month and decided to discontinue her education. Mounika urged her parents to send her to school. When they refused, Mounika started using all the money she received from family members as presents towards conveyance costs. Seeing her determination, her parents have given in to her requests. They also attend the parent-teacher meetings regularly and are happy with the achievements of their daughter.


Class X Student


Class V Student

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V Manasa

Class IV


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Parents Comments

Arifa Begum

House wife

Shiva Kumar

Construction Worker

My daughter, Arshiya Fatima joined this school 5 years ago when it started its first batch. Now she is in Class VII and is studying very well here. We could not have afforded such an education had it not been for Ekalavya School. School has never asked us to pay much. We want her to study till the highest standard the school offers. We will not marry her until she is educated and starts earning.

I am the father of Shravan studying in Class IX. I owe a thousand thanks to the management of the school since they are taking care of my children very well. I feel that I am very much fortunate.