Karthika Deepotsavam 2017

Post date: 02-Dec-2017 09:02:40

Karthikai is essentially a festival of lamps. The lighted lamp is considered

an auspicious symbol. It is believed to ward off evil forces and usher in

prosperity and joy. While the lighted lamp is important for all Hindu rituals

and festivals, it is indispensable for Karthikai. The offering of the Ghee lamp

to Lord Shiva is considered very significant in ‘ Karthik Vrata’. It is told in

the scriptures that “of all gifts, the gift of a lamp during the month of Karthik

is the best. No gift is its equal.”

Karthika Deepotsavam was celebrated by Future School on 17th November in the Temple in Future School Community Hall. All the parents and also the

community members were invited to the programme.

The Temple was decorated with colorful Rangoli and Diyas. The Diyas were

arranged in the form of Swastik, Om and Shivalingam.

The programme started at 6:00PM with Abhishekam for Lord Shiva A grand

Aarati was performed as the devotees sung the Damodarashtaka Song and later the Diyas were lighted.

Many children with their parents participated in the programme and lighted

the Diyas. The place was illuminated with the lit deepams.

The programme ended with distribution of prasadam and the blessings of

Lord Shiva. The programme went with peace and ended with success and lots of blessings.

More images of the event here.