Post date: 21-Jul-2016 06:22:59

Guru Purnima is a traditional Indian festival. It is celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of teachers. This day is dedicated by the disciples to their teachers.

A Guru (teacher) plays an important role in molding the life of a student. The Indian tradition widely accepts the positive influence of Guru (teacher) in a student’s life. A teacher is considered to remove darkness (ignorance) from a student’s life. A blessed student is one who has received the blessing of his guru.

To honor the teachers, a function was organized in the school on the occasion of Guru Purnima on 19th July 2016. All the staff members and students attended the pooja. Mr. C.R.Murrali, Mr. Ravi Kanth, Ms. Krishna Kumari, Ms. Madhavi also joined us in the pooja. The function began on a happy note with the students singing the school prayer. Students hosted the event.

It’s a good time for the children to know the importance of Guru. Every year we celebrate it, but this year the anxiety in the children grew much as now their strength has increased.

Lamp was lighted by Mr. C.R.Murrali , Mr. Ravi Kanth, Ms. Krishna Kumari, Ms. Madhavi .

Students sang songs, delivered speech in Hindi, Telugu and English. The life and teachings of holy masters were recalled. Students were encouraged to follow the teachings of spiritual gurus.

Mr. Murali narrated an inspirational story and advised the students to respect their teachers. Mr. Ravi also spoke on the importance of Guru.

Sweets were distributed to the students and the teachers.

Head Mistress Asiya Ahmed honored the teachers by presenting them with flowers and diaries.

The function concluded with gaiety all around.

More images of the events are available here.