New Year Celebration (2017) at Future School

Post date: 03-Jan-2017 11:46:44

2017 a new beginning , dawning of this New Year, fills our heart with new hopes, opens up new horizons and brings for us promises of brighter tomorrow. The New Year Celebration of the Future School was conducted on 31 st December 2016.

The programme was organized between 11.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. The programme was hosted by the Senior students. ‘New Year Resolutions’ were read by all the students. The importance of the New Year and resolutions was explicitly done.

The event also included the exchange of greeting cards among their classmates to bring about the spirit of sharing.

The other events of the itinerary included speech given by the Teachers who

addressed the students and encouraged them to participate in all the activities as well as to focus on their studies. Chocolate bars were distributed to them as a token of appreciation for their effort and participation.

The students enjoyed the event. They got the opportunity to dance, role play, sing and enjoy with their peers. They cut the cake and shared the sweets and had lots of fun. The teachers were also deeply involved. The whole atmosphere had lovely spirit of joy and happiness. Together we all bid goodbye to 2016 and heartily welcomed 2017.

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