CHI Future School - MK Nagar

School Summary


School History

Manikeshwari Nagar popularly known as ‘Vaddera basti’ is named after the largest caste called ‘Vaddera’ living in this community. The history of this slum is interesting. In the year 1919, the popular Osmania University came into existence. The then Nizam of Hyderabad 2500 acres of land and transferred to the university. The university buildings were constructed with pinkish stone blocks and flooring with shahbad stone. This was done by the local Vaddera community, a caste traditionally involved in stone-cutting, masonry, digging wells and construction. The Vadderas from all over Hyderabad state settled down within a kilometer of this building and set up a colony, which is called Vaddera basti even now. Future school was set us in 2008 as one of the ICFAI Republic Schools to provide quality education to this community. At present, the school has 210 students.

Facilities in the school

The school is housed in G+2 structure. It has 10 class rooms and separate rooms for HM, Admin and academic staff. The school is equipped with Science laboratory, Library, AV room and computer lab with internet facility to provide on-line classes to class X students. The school is equipped with firefighting system and CCTV cameras. A water purifier is installed and maintained regularly to provide pure drinking water to staff and students. Students get mid-day meals from Akshaya Patra every day.

Ekalavya School  - MK Nagar